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Employers focusing more on the patient experience


A new survey from the National Business Group on Health, an employers organization, has found, in Healthcare Dive’s paraphrase:

  • “Twenty-one percent of respondents plan to encourage use of accountable care organizations and another 26% are considering offering them.
  • “More than half (54%) will offer health centers either on site or nearby.
  • “Nearly nine in 10 (88%) plan to use centers of excellence for specified procedures like transplants or orthopedic surgery to take advantage of bundled payments and other alternative payment models.
  • “Close to 40% employ some type of value-based benefit design that rewards employees for managing chronic conditions or seeking more cost-effective care.’’

“One of the interesting findings from the survey is that employers are focused on enhancing the employee experience,” Brian Marcotte, president and CEO of NBGH said in a written statement. “For example, there is a big increase in the number of employers offering decision support, concierge services and tools to help employees navigate the healthcare system.”

The surveyors found that 66 percent of employers will offer medical-decision support and second-opinion services by 2018, up from 47 percent this year, and 36 percent will offer high-touch concierge services.

To read the survey results, please hit this link.

To read Healthcare Dive’s commentary on it, please hit this link.



Survey finds physician support for new payment models


A survey of 500 physicians by Fidelity Investments and the National Business Group on Health (NBGH) found that while only 55 percent of respondents take part in an alternative-payment model now, some 80 percent would consider participating in the future.

The survey suggested that most physicians approve of the the shift away from fee for service. Only 41 percent of physicians surveyed  believed that fee for service was an optimal way to deliver positive patient outcomes. Among physicians under age 35 confidence in fee for service was only 28 percent,

The survey indicated that physicians rank “positive impact on patient health” as the top benefit of alternative payment models.

“At the end of the day, physician buy-in and support are crucial to the success of these new delivery models,” Brian Marcotte, president and CEO of NBGH, said. “We are asking physicians to change how they engage their patients, manage their practice and get paid. The right resources, technology and analytics have to be in place to help physicians make this transition to deliver on the promise of improved patient outcomes and lower costs.”

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