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4 big challenges to hospital systems

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1. “Keeping pace in healthcare’s transformation to consumerism”

“Consumers now expect similar experiences from healthcare organizations as other business-to-consumer interactions in their daily lives, be it with a hotel, airline or restaurant. This shift in attitude is one of the most pervasive changes in healthcare — and therefore one of the top areas of concern among executives.”

“Healthcare leaders must now devise ways to meet consumer demand while maintaining cultures of healing and stable business operations. ”


2.  “Shifting workforce demographics and rising physician burnout”

“Many healthcare organizations are experiencing generational transitions as longtime leaders in the baby boomer group retire and millennials join or advance in the workforce. Millennials now represent the largest share of the American workforce, but the healthcare industry is not attracting these emerging professionals as well as other industries.”
3. “Navigating technology, cybersecurity and confidentiality”

To keep focused and make the wisest investments,  it’s imperative  that hospitals map out very carefully why they are investing in  certain solutions, what the technology can solve and why previous technology investments didn’t work.

4. “Focusing on mission amid lowering reimbursement”

“Regardless of policy decisions made at the federal and state levels, providers will be affected by lower reimbursement in some fashion. ”

So keeping a “laser-like” focus on operating margins is critical.

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