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How physician groups can achieve regulatory compliance

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Here’s some guidance from Physicians Practice for physician groups in achieving regulatory compliance.

Among the recommendations, presented here in stripped-down form:

“Appreciate the scope. Physician practices must familiarize themselves with the applicable regulatory requirements.”

“Perform a gap analysis. A practice should compare its current performance against the applicable regulations to identify any holes.”

“Provide training. Once a physician practice identifies compliance gaps, it should work to implement strategies to address them. Training is often necessary at this stage because it builds awareness with staff and can alter behavior so that the organization becomes more consistently compliant.”

“Update policies. Verify that the practice has all the appropriate policies in place and these documents contain the right level of detail. OSHA, in particular, is keen on whether an organization has comprehensive policies and whether the facility regularly reviews them.”

“Gain staff feedback. Organizations should empower individuals to speak up about any perceived hazards or ways to improve compliance efforts.”

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