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ACO boundaries ‘not consistent with communities’

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This fascinating interview in ConvergenceRI with  Louis Giancola, the CEO of South County Health, whose South County Hospital is Rhode Island’s remaining independent acute-care hospital, gives a very interesting overview of the challenges facing such institutions.
Among other things, he talked  with the news service’s editor, Richard Asinof, about how, in Mr. Asinof’s words, “the new models of Accountable Care Organizations and accountable entities with managed Medicaid programs were being developed in Rhode Island” in the new age of population health.

Mr. Giancola worried about how the  state’s population was going to be divided up:

“There are a million people in Rhode Island, and you’re going to carve the population up by ACOs, which is not consistent with communities, not geographically. It will be payer- specific, and it is going to cut across a lot of different communities.”

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