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Breaking down data silos essential in advancing patient-centric care

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Dr. Donald Furman, M.D., MBA,  chief innovation officer of Alignment Healthcare, a population-health management services company, writes in MedCity News about how providers can better advance patient-centric care.

Among his observations:

“To put patients at the center of care, we need investment in infrastructure and broad data acquisition to create robust clinical, operational and financial analytics. Data analytics at the patient level can help anticipate patient needs, coordinate and assure optimal acute and preventative patient care continually across disciplines and sites, as well as, direct workflows to address non-medical issues and concerns.”

“Unfortunately, too often, data is siloed within the healthcare system whether it is at health plans, hospitals, doctor’s offices, community services or government entities. Accessing that data—internalizing and analyzing it—is a key determinant in creating patient-centric value. A very simple example is one of a care organization having real-time access to pharmacy information. For instance, this could occur for a patient who needs antiretroviral medication for HIV symptoms but misses a medication refill due to lack of transportation. When a critical medication is not filled or picked up in time, the right infrastructure could enable an alert that would drive workflows to immediately reach out to the patient or caregiver, instructing them to pick up the medication or have it delivered. The alert could also drive a case manager to understand the reasons why the medication was not obtained and solve those and any other pending issues.”

To read Dr. Furman’s piece, please hit this link.

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