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Ascension unit touts ‘neighborhood hospitals’

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The Ascension-owned St. Vincent Health system, in Indianapolis, has restructured some of its facilities as what it calls its “neighborhood hospitals,” where high-quality care,   easy access, affordability and convenience are promised.

Richard Fogel, M.D., chief clinical officer at St. Vincent, said that “after assessing our population’s needs, St. Vincent launched a major initiative to address gaps in healthcare access across central Indiana. The goal was to meet patients where they are in their healthcare journey and provide convenience and access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

“Through the introduction of our ‘neighborhood’ hospitals, we are able to bring acute care services closer to home for those we serve.”

“Although these hospitals are scaled down in comparison to familiar hospitals, they allow patients access to a convenient location for acute injuries or illnesses that require emergency care.

“It is important to note that these hospitals provide the full spectrum of emergency care as well as in-patient hospital stays. For patients who require more highly specialized services, we provide a seamless transfer and the full integration of our medical records.

“Because our neighborhood hospitals are small and less expensive to maintain, we are able to offer access to quality healthcare services to communities that would be unable to support a full-size hospital. That’s why we call them our St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospitals.”

It’s not entirely clear which services would not be provided by these facilities.

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