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The future of Medicaid in the Trump administration

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A piece in the current Health Affairs blog says:

“The {Trump} administration and congressional leaders have signaled a fondness for even greater state flexibility in Medicaid programs (though perhaps with significant caveats to federal funding). As states and the federal government jointly design Medicaid’s future, it will be important to incorporate what we have already learned about what works –and what does not. The findings from previous and ongoing Medicaid experiments can provide both lessons and cautions. Among the states that have expanded their Medicaid programs, there is variation. Six of the 31 expansion states received a waiver from the federal government to structure their programs differently from a traditional Medicaid program. These alternative expansions differ in significant ways from traditional Medicaid. “They may:

  • “Require enrollees to pay premiums or other monthly payments
  • “Require enrollees to pay higher co-payments than in traditional Medicaid.
  • “Limit the benefits that enrollees receive.
  • “Use incentives to encourage healthy behaviors.”

To read the whole piece, please hit this link.

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