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A health system prepares for a hurricane

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Hurricane Irma about to make landfall in Florida.

Among the lessons learned, he writes:

“One was the role of the non-clinical senior leadership team during a crisis of this magnitude. We found that most chose to volunteer in our hospitals and provide support as they were able. No job was too large or too small. Having members of the system executive team attend local command center meetings was coupled with cleaning beds, transporting patients, and doing any other jobs that needed to be done. The esprit de corps was palpable as they pitched in to lend a hand.”

“Another was to the extent we were prepared to be a shelter. During Irma, we sheltered thousands of team members who were coming off shifts. We created quiet spaces where they could sleep so they would be fresh to come back for an extended crisis situation. This took priority in terms of shelter operations with families.”

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