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Humana CEO talks care integration

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  • “Partner with providers. Like many insurers, Humana is working with providers to move away from the fee-for-service payment model….{H}e  pointed out that Humana puts an added focus on working with primary care providers to encourage members to maintain their health and prevent health issues before they become costly conditions.
  • “Integrate lifestyle and healthcare. This effort involves looking beyond what happens in a clinical setting and instead taking a holistic view of how to maintain and improve members’ health, Broussard said. For example, that could mean helping coordinate the installation of a ramp for a mobility-impaired member, or helping providers track a member’s medication adherence. Another critical piece is the use of predictive analytics.
  • “Take friction points out of the system.  ‘We need to evolve together, not individually as companies,”’ he said.



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