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How to speed hospital decision-making

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Sharon L. Kurtz, R.N., discusses how hospitals can streamline their communications. She discusses how to:

*Manage complexity.

*Save time with  meetings.

*Set  time limits to complete projects and solve problems with automatic stop dates.

*Challenge the status quo by asking difficult questions about whether certain jobs and committees are needed at all.

She notes: “All committee chairs will be defending their right to exist, that is, their right to importance. CEOs and administrative teams need to stand firm on this issue and resolve to move their organizations forward.”

“Change is always difficult and is almost always resisted. But in the end, as the committee system becomes less complex, the risk of error for patients will be reduced. With a courageous and strong CEO taking on this challenge, more real-time decisions can be made throughout the hospital….”

To read her remarks in full, please hit this link.

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