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St. Petersburg, Fla., kids hospital pumps up Johns Hopkins link

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All Children’s Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine, in St. Petersburg. The colorful, cutesy signage has become common at children’s hospitals.

In a sign of the increasing promotion of  regional hospitals’ links with world-famous medical centers to better compete in a much more competitive healthcare world,   the 259-bed medical and research facility  in St. Petersburg, Fla., that has been known as All Children’s Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine will be named Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital starting next month.

In other words, get the name Johns Hopkins name front and center. Names such as Mayo, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic and M.D. Anderson has particular resonance and profitability in places like Tampa-St. Petersburg with many well-insured, affluent  and well-educated families, many of them seasonal residents.

The name change comes five years after All Children’s Hospital, a 90-year-old institution in St. Petersburg, became partners with the internationally known Johns Hopkins Health Systems. The affiliation was intended to boost the research efforts at All Children’s, and to help the hospital attract top talent and money. Prestige pays off.


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