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Still pressing for Medicaid expansion in Utah

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Utah state legislators will again take on  the issue  of Medicaid expansion in the Republican-dominated state and various plans to implement it for the tens of thousands of residents who still lack health insurance.

The Deseret News reports that “while some lawmakers are taking approaches that have been tried before, others are trying new things — an indication of a potential desire to bring health care benefits closer to Utah people who can’t afford them.”

“We’re moving slowly in the direction of getting it. It’s frustrating how long it takes, but I believe we’re moving in that direction,”  Rep. Ray Ward told the paper. He backs a bill with an underlying concept similar to that of UtahAccess+, which failed to gain favor of the House majority and, the paper reports ” never made it before the whole body for consideration last summer.”

The paper said: “Ward wants health coverage options for every Utahn in the coverage gap, up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level, seeking waivers to get there and then pay for it with a hospital assessment and a new tax on e-cigarettes.”


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