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Study cites unhealthy numbers for elderly black people

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A new study  in HealthAffairs concludes that black people 65 years and older still  have poorer health and less access to long-term care  compared with elderly white people.

Among other things, elderly blacks had higher rates of disability and lived fewer years without disabilities.

“Given that the baby-boom generation’s long-term care demands are expected to peak in 2030, our findings support the need to continue closely monitoring the needs of older adults and the efficacy of health system reforms in meeting them,” researchers concluded.

They found that  from 1982 to 2011 for white and black adults age 65 and older, 32 percent of  blacks  were living with a condition that limited their physical activity compared to 22 percent of whites.

The study also found that while elderly whites  enjoyed an increase in the number of years  they could  live without a disability, there was no change for elderly black people.

To read the whole study, please hit this link.

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