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Dr. Lazris: ‘Speak up against ‘deluge of tests/drugs/treatments’

Andy Lazris, M.D., author of Curing Medicare, writes in this Lown Institute blog about forces for change in medicine. Among his remarks:

“All of our voices are needed, because the flood has arrived, often under the guise of healthcare reform.  Unless those of us who ‘get it’ speak up, question the grand myth that an unending deluge of tests/drugs/treatments will cure our medical ills, and let the media and others who drink the healthcare Kool-aide know that we are fed up, This system, which enriches so many people and institutions, will persevere until it does implode.  That is why you should sign Lown’s Right Care Alliance pledge and make your wishes known.”

“There is a movement underway to change the system and make it better for all.  It is time we all leap on board before the healthcare system swallows and marginalizes us, as is happening every day.”


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