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Beyond geography: A Minn. system’s service-line successes

Health & Health Networks discusses h0w Allina Health, a 12-hospital Minnesota system,  is using a ”patient-centered, clinician-driven approach to manage its eight clinical-service lines, with a ninth planned for 2015”.

”The goal is to provide reliable, evidence-based, continuum-based care that is of high value,” Christine Bent, senior vice president for clinical-service lines, told H&HN. ”The idea is that, for anyone who enters our system, their outcome doesn’t vary based on geography.”

”Bent and Allina President and Chief Clinical Officer Penny Wheeler, M.D., oversee the entire service line structure as a team. Each of the service lines is managed across the system by a steering committee that reports monthly to Bent and Wheeler.”

”Within each service line are several multidisciplinary program committees chaired by doctors and organized by medical condition across all locations that offer treatment for a particular condition. …Allina uses a similar approach for hospital-based services, such as critical care and emergency medicine.”

”The service line management strategy has resulted in a number of scripted workflows that reduce variation in care and cost, ” H&HN reports.





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