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GE Healthcare’s digital chief talks about patient flow


GE Healthcare chief digital officer talks about patient-flow command centers, artificial intelligence, the future of digital care and more. To read this interview, please hit this link.

Video: Whither GE Healthcare?


In  this video, GE Healthcare’s CEO, John Flannery, discusses how and where the company’s business is going. Hit this link to see/hear it.

GE-Accenture seeks to change claims management


GE Healthcare and Accenture are  in a venture to change how the healthcare industry processes medical claims.

HealthcareDIVE reports:

  • “Outdated technology is responsible for about $2 billion in lost revenue to U.S. healthcare providers, GE Healthcare suggested.
  • “The pair plan to use their combined consulting businesses and analytics expertise to help providers save an average of 25 percent to 50 percent of their current costs to re-process denied claims, which GE Healthcare billed as ‘one of the largest areas of lost revenue in the U.S. healthcare system.”’

The  venture aims to assist a wide range of providers by showing how claims management affects financial performance and then having GE-Accenture follow  up by  redesigning workflows and financial operations.

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