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Retired surgeon’s replacement for the ACA

A  retired New Jersey  orthopedic surgeon  touts a whole different kind of national health program to replace the Affordable Care Act, reports Med City News.

Dr. Robert Dennis explains that in his “Informed Health Plan,”  “care delivery would be divided into catastrophic and elective categories. Catastrophic care — life-and-death emergencies and conditions like heart attacks and cancer — would be free to patients and paid for by the government and private health plans.

“Elective care will cost, but consumers will only pay a 10 percent co-payment. So it’s in their interest — and the interest of their insurers — to shop for the best-quality providers who charge the lowest prices. Dennis said that under his transparent system, providers will post that data publicly.

“My plan eliminates Medicaid, deductibles and unnecessary administrative fees and pours that money into the delivery of actual medical care. Physicians {wouldn’t} have to hire all that extra staff to handle the paperwork.”

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