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Three steps to retain physicians


Healthcare Dive suggests three steps to retain physicians in these chaotic times:

  • Be Practical: Jonathan Niloff, M.D., vice president and CMO for McKesson Connected Care & Analytics said. “If technology is being implemented, make sure the organization has actually aligned workflow to make the physician’s job easier. For example, in an EHR, does the workflow follow logical steps or does a physician have to exit the program to continue work?” he told the publication.
  • Cut red tape and bureaucracy: This would include simplifying organizational reporting structure to ensure, for example, that physicians are totally accountable to no more than five people. Reducing the number of layers is of the top ways that healthcare organizations can make working environments more pleasant.
  • Widen physicians’ horizons:   They may want to work in an inter-professional community, such as with social workers or dieticians.

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