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The best new CCO


Linda J. Komnick writes  in FierceHealthcare about what is needed in the new incarnation of chief clinical officer  (CCO) or (usually rather similar) chief medical officer (CMO).

She says that what is required is a physician executive who sees the organization not as a “top-down traditional clinical entity, but who could also look sideways across the network and see opportunities for clinical performance improvement, integration and coordination of care across the continuum.”

“For years, a hospital or health system’s chief medical officer was prized for his or her medical background and ability to relate to fellow physicians. Those qualities are still essential, yet the role of the CMO or other chief physician executives has been turned upside down, or at least sideways. In many cases, the CMO title has evolved to a chief clinical officer to reflect changing expectations of leadership.”

She writes that some of the key competencies for CCOs include:

  • “The ability to lead multidisciplinary teams across multiple service areas and facilities.
  • “Insurance and managed care expertise (and even direct experience).
  • “Strategic business development.
  • “A systems approach to problem solving, consensus building and process improvement.
  • “Exceptional soft skills such as relationship-building, communications, listening, negotiation and diplomacy.”

To read her essay, please hit this link.

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