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Face to face, please


Arnold Lakhovsky, “The Conversation (circa 1935).

We at Cambridge Management Group have  always prided itself on our ability to understand the needs and goals of our clients by giving them our undivided and empathetic attention —  whenever possible in person and not on a screen.

And so a piece in The New York Times by Sherry Turkle, an MIT professor and the author of Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age, about how the Digital Age is eroding our power of understanding others and, indeed, ourselves struck a chord.

She says at the end of the piece, nicely headlined “Stop Googling. Let’s talk”:

“To reclaim conversation for yourself, your friendships and society, push back against viewing the world as one giant app. It works the other way, too: Conversation is the antidote to the algorithmic way of looking at life because it teaches you about fluidity, contingency and personality.

“This is our moment to acknowledge the unintended consequences of the technologies to which we are vulnerable, but also to respect the resilience that has always been ours. We have time to make corrections and remember who we are — creatures of history, of deep psychology, of complex relationships, of conversations, artless, risky and face to face.”

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