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Protests against for-profit clinic chain’s refusal to take Medicaid, Medicare


Protesters have been in action  outside for-profit ZoomCare clinics in Portland, Ore., and Seattle against its refusal to accept health-insurance plans for the old and poor — mostly meaning Medicare and Medicaid.

Zoom, with several dozen clinics in the Portland,  Salem, Ore., and Seattle areas, doesn’t accept Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare, a healthcare plan sponsored by the U.S. military. Protesters say the refusal shifts the care of the old and poor to nonprofit providers.

“Segmenting the population like this is a prescription for inefficient and lower quality health care,” their statement said.

The company’s Web site says Medicare’s  rates are too low for the company’s business model.

Dr. Dave Sanders, chief executive and co-founder of the company, said Zoom was created to serve people who, among other things, want to phone to set up appointments and get quick neighborhood care.

“We’re one of the many options that will be out there. Don’t think that we have to be all things to all people.”

The company accepts a range of private insurance plans and posts its prices on the wall.

To read a (Portland) Oregonian story on this, please hit this link.

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