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Tampa hospital board drops plan to pay themselves

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Tampa General Hospital board members have abandoned a controversial plan to pay themselves $15,000 to $30,000 a year.

“While I believe providing compensation to board membersĀ  {most of whom are rich} will become a recruiting tool in the future, the board believes this is not the right time to move in that direction,” board chairman John A. Brabson Jr. said.

The decision came after considerable public outrage that the mostly very affluent members of the board of this not-for-profit hospital would want cash compensation. In the past the members have seen the positions as a honor andĀ  an opportunity to perform a public service while developing and maintaining personal ties that can be socially and financial useful to them.

“They had no business in voting for that salary, and I’m glad they thought twice,” Jan Platt, a former board member, told The Tampa Bay Times. “The public is watching.”

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