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Watch the ‘little data’ at point of care

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Elwood Headley, M.D., and L. Rita Fritz, writing in Hospitals & Health Networks, write about the need for hospitals to pay more attention to the “little data” at the point of care.
They write:
“Whether you’re the CEO of a multibillion-dollar system or a $200 million organization, you live with intense scrutiny and accountability from your board, your staff, the rating agencies and a well-read public. Driving this scrutiny are highly visible metrics: figures and scores for net income, safety, readmission and patient satisfaction.

“Each of these metrics is generated from the point of care. Maximizing these metrics is fundamentally dependent on the convergence of essential basics, that is, the primary support services that five to 10 departments are expected to routinely provide 24/7, if needed, such as supplies, information, test results, patient rounds, pillows or a home health visit two days after discharge.

“Invisible to the CEO and of staggering effect on these metrics, however, is the fact that one or more of the essential basics are not always available at the point of care or point of clinical decision when they are needed, or in the required quantity and expected level of quality. This invisible failure is called a ‘fractured convergence.”’

The authors point to where and how to get this essential ”little data”.

To read their article, please hit this link.

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