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Zakaria: Success in healthcare will depend on managing data

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Celebrity journalist Fareed Zakaria, speaking at the Health Forum and American Hospital Association Leadership Summit, discussed the  datafication and Uberfication of healthcare.

Mr. Zakaria believes that cloud-based storage of data and mobile technology are converging to  transform how human knowledge is transferred. This is affecting every sector of the U.S. economy, healthcare included.

“I feel as though this is the most likely revolution that is going to transform the medical profession and health care in general. You will know more about things and you will know them more quickly than has been the case ever before,” he said.

He said those who prevail in the future healthcare arena will be those who figure out how to use the massive data now becoming available to put themselves  ahead from competitors.

“Doctors, hospitals, administrators are gaining access to unprecedented amounts of data, and unprecedented amounts of information about the people who desire health care, which really means all of us. And what you do with that data will probably be the key differentiator going forward.”

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