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3 changes to improve palliative care

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Yael Schenker, M.D., Robert Arnold, M.D.,  writing in JAMA about the future of palliative care, conclude:

“To improve palliative care for patients with serious illness, 3 changes must occur. First, palliative care specialists need to develop skills in clinician behavior change, system change, and quality improvement. Second, health systems need to expand their focus to develop programs that measure and improve the quality of palliative care that every patient receives. Third, federal funding must be aligned with a national goal of improving the experience of seriously ill patients and their loved ones. In short, the field of palliative care has expanded substantially over the past 20 years by demonstrating the value of involving palliative care specialists earlier and more routinely in the care of seriously ill patients. Moving forward, palliative care is likely to have the greatest benefit by teaching others clinicians to provide patient and family-centered care, designing systems, and advocating for policy changes that help make the involvement of specialists less necessary.”


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