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Health-care teams beyond COVID

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An article in NEJM Catalyst looks at the health-care sector beyond COVID-19.

The summary says: “In this article, the authors highlight how health-care leaders can guide their teams to a post-pandemic state that is even better than before — by helping them move from recuperation to regeneration. Drawing on management and team research, they recommend that leaders (1) focus on the team, not only individuals; (2) define and mark the moment of transition, imbuing it with meaning and purpose; and (3) spur reflection that enables action. The authors provide specific questions to help team leaders guide high-value reflection in practice. These will prompt productive discussions about identifying work the team can offload or add, clarifying team membership and coordination strategies, revisiting and strengthening team norms (e.g., those that support psychological safety), and improving key processes (e.g., those that promote joint problem-solving). Through this focused reflection, leaders can help their teams liberate, refresh, and create a better future.”

To read the article, please hit this link.

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