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Healthcare swims in a sea of conflicts of interests

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conflict Painting by  Elihu Vedder (1836–1923). Photographed in 2007 by Carol Highsmith. 
Roy Poses, M.D., in his Healthcare Renewal site comments:
“The theme continues.  A recent prominent Health Affairs blog post on {physician} burnout omitted discussion of underlying causes, much less promote resistance to them.  Now it turns out that the lead author was not only the well-paid CEO of a very prominent non-profit health system, but had just been offered a board position at giant pharma company Merck.  A recent prominent National Academy of Medicine report on health care reform again omitted discussion of any underlying causes of health care dysfunction that might disturb the powers that be.  Many of its authors were also members of the boards of directors of health care corporations.  Now it turns out that one of them had long been on the board of Amgen, and may have had other complex relationships with the pharma industry.   Who, other than Health Care Renewal readers,  knew conflicts of interest in health care were so complicated …. ) ? These newly noted conflicts of interest underlined how current discussions of health care reform are influenced, if not dominated by people with strong ties to organizations, particularly large health care corporations, that benefit from the status quo.  What kind of reform would they produce?  True health care reform minimally requires discussions lead by health care professionals, unbiased policy experts, patients and the public at large.  Contributions – oral, written, or monetary – from those who personally are profiting from the status quo should be met with requisite skepticism.”
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