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Canada’s healthcare issues seen less daunting than in U.S.

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“In the U.S., financial issues dominate the patient experience. Care is very often excellent, but unexpected crises and even everyday care can break the bank, and in many cases continuing medical care is simply not available.

“In Canada, patients regularly face delays in care, although seldom in urgent or emergent situations, but they do not face bankruptcy from medical bills. And for the most part they get continuing everyday healthcare without needing to compromise other aspects of their lives.”

“And evidence suggests that healthcare outcomes are pretty much equivalent, if not slightly better in Canada.”

Yale University’s Ted Marmor, Ph.D., an expert in comparative health systems, told Mr. Smith: “Canada is doing overall better than the U.S. in distribution, financing, and regulation of medical care…. ”

It would be a “gross misunderstanding to think that Canada’s areas of trouble are comparable to the areas of trouble in the United States,” he added.

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