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4 categories of ‘providers of the future’

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FierceHealthcare reports that Researchers at PricewaterhouseCoopers  have found that “the providers of the future’ will likely fit into one of four categories, based on the areas where each excels: product leader, experience leader, health manager or integrator.”

The four categories are, as paraphrased by Fierce:

  1. “Product leaders. According to PwC, these health systems will take the lead on providing the most advanced care and positive patient outcomes. These facilities will be investing in telemedicine, and care for complex conditions to new markets.
  2. “Experience leaders. These providers will need to put a focus on analyzing the communities they seek to serve to achieve high customer satisfaction. Another piece to this, according to the report, is ensuring that the market has access to diverse care settings to improve the experience.
  3. “Health managers. These providers will especially focus on population health and social determinants of health, according to the report. This will require a robust data infrastructure and direct contracts with employers to manage health.
  4. “Integrators. These providers will devote much of their effort to expanding and building scale, according to the report. Having a large network—potentially even beyond U.S. borders—will create value for patients. ”

To read more about the report, please hit this link.

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