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Answering questions on biosimilars

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Novartis headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

Finally we have the first U.S. launch in  the new medication category called “biosimilars” —  near-copies of powerful prescription drugs known as biologics “manufactured” in living cells.

Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG has introduced in America Zarxio, a biosimilar version of Amgen Inc.’s Neupogen, which boosts white-blood-cell production to prevent infections in certain cancer and other patients.

The Associated Press has come up with some questions and answers on biologic drugs and biosimilars, which hold promise to help bring under control the fastest rising prices in U.S. healthcare — drug prices.

 The AP answers, in the story linked above, these questions:

What are biosimilars?

Are biosimilars identical to brand-name versions?

How much cheaper will they be?

Will biosimilar prices fall?

Are they available in other countries?

Why did the U.S. approval take so long?

Who’s developing biosimilars?

How much money is involved?

What issues are unresolved?


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