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How Arsenal will fit into athenahealth

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Chris Moses, the CEO of Arsenal Health, which athenahealth bought last year, talks here about how his company’s  plans fit into athenahealth’s  aspirations.

He focuses on practice management and especially  on such challenges  as accurately predicting how and which patients will arrive at their appointments.

Med City News notes that “although the insights are not exactly surprising, Moses said gaining access to athenahealth’s {resources} …has increased its ability to detect patterns and to help practices spot potential performance issues.”

The news service reports that Arsenal’s   focus  includes “improving practice management inefficiencies by applying predictive analytics to things like patients with outstanding bills — who is more likely to pay. Other areas include care plan and medication adherence, care coordination and hospital readmissions. Another is improving the way clinical documents are labeled to reduce the manual work required to find them.”


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