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Benefits of patient safety organization alignment

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An article in Medical Economics discusses how providers can benefit from patient safety organization (PSO) alignment.

The article concludes:

“By aligning with a PSO, a provider’s internal deliberations and analysis conducted within its own patient safety evaluation system are also privileged and confidential PSWP (patient safety work products).  As a result, a provider can evaluate its own data before sending it to a PSO, and can also consider a PSO’s recommendations in a completely privileged and confidential setting that avoids the scrutiny of regulators and potential litigants.

“The other major benefit of alignment with a PSO for providers involves improvement of patient safety and clinical outcomes. By contracting with a PSO, providers gain immediate access to evidence-based recommendations on quality issues confronting their peers, as well as empirically-based recommendations on how their practices might be improved and made more efficient. ”

To read the article, please hit this link.


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