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Big payers, players join to push ‘Triple Aim’

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“You can always rely on America to do the right thing, once it has exhausted the alternatives.”

— Winston Churchill

Some very big payers and providers have joined in the Healthcare Transformation Task Force formed to push  faster toward the “Triple Aim” of better patient care, better patient outcomes (which you’d think would follow from the better care) and reduced, or at least more controlled, costs. They include Partners HealthCareHeritage Provider Network, Dignity Health and Premier Inc.


Members seek to move three-quarters of their business into value-based models and away from the unsustainable fee-f0r-service model that threatens to  bankrupt America. The fee-for-service models reminds us of “cost-plus” Defense Department contracts.

HCTTF members include six of top  U.S. 15 health systems  and four of the top 25 payers.



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