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Bundled-payment automater gets investment

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MDsave, a health IT company that wants to automate the bundled-payment process, has received a $5 million investment from Cambia Health Solutions, which is aligned with Blue Cross and Blue Shield businesses in the Pacific Northwest and invests in healthcare startups. MDsave is based in Nashville and San Francisco.

MedCity News, which focuses on healthcare technology, says MDsave “combines an automated bundled payment service with a price transparency tool for patients. Users interested in, say, getting an X-ray can check out its Web site, see what kind of a discount it can get on the procedure in their region. They can purchase the procedure through MDsave’s Web site, regardless of their insurance plan. That purchase could go towards their deductible. The company encourages users to contact their insurance companies for full deductible eligibility requirements.”

To read the article in MedCity News, please hit this link.

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