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Cambridge Management Group at 30

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Cambridge Management Group is (quietly) celebrating its 30th anniversary this month. Since 1985, our firm, composed of senior professionals with many years of business and clinical experience from across America — has been privileged to help organizations adapt to healthcare-sector-wide changes while addressing individual organizations’ often unique challenges.

The sector has seen vast changes since 1985! Consider the arrival of various forms of managed care, the rise of big hospital chains and the surge in hospital employment of once-independent physicians. Then there are the stunning new technologies that can turn patients into amateur doctors and new government insurance programs aimed at expanding coverage while controlling costs. The Affordable Care Act has, of course, accelerated the sector’s transformation in the past several years.

During the past three decades, CMG has expanded from consulting at hospitals to also work for a wide range of other healthcare organizations, such as Federally Qualified Health Centers and statewide Medicaid programs as “population health’’ becomes a mantra.

Whatever the challenges along the way, we’re always energized by our mission, as summarized in our motto “Cooperating for Better Care’’. To us at CMG, healthcare remains the most exciting – and, arguably, the most important — place to work. We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to do so for three decades, and look forward to continuing for years to come.

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