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Care-continuum expert d’Autremont joins CMG

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Neil d’Autremont  has joined Cambridge Management Group (CMG) as senior adviser. He brings wide experience in care-continuum issues as well as in marketing in the healthcare sector, including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical software and insurance.

He has in recent years particularly focused on the use of network applications and electronic health records to assure patient confidentiality while increasing the clinical quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare networks in sharing information  to benefit the patient’s long-term health. Thus he adds to CMG’s well-established expertise in care-continuum improvements. He has studied the impact of EPIC implementation on large medical schools and hospital systems and medical practices as well as the effects of Meaningful Use guidelines for Medicare on physician practices.

Mr. d’Autremont is also president for sales and marketing for MNR Analytics.

His experience has included positions as Division Sales Manager in Virology, as a rheumatology specialist for Roche Labs, where among other activities, he was a community liaison in market development — experience of particular value in population-health matters. He has also worked in sales for Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals and Syntex Labs,  run Nd’A Marketing with medical software, and was a lead benefits analyst for Standard Insurance Co., where he managed high-liability disability cases.

He has presented data to the California Senate and made presentations in the corporate suites of major corporations and to key opinion leaders in multiple medical specialties.

Neil d’Autremont has a B.S. in psychology from Oregon State University and a graduate certificate in medical informatics from Oregon Health Science University.

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