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Crucial role of employers in making ACA work better

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In an article in the Harvard Business Review, Robert S. Mecklenburg, M.D., medical director of the Center for Health Care Solutions at Virginia Mason Medical Center, and Lindsay A. Martin, executive director of innovation and an adviser at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, write that large employers are key to making the Affordable Care Act work up to its potential.

They write: ¬†{L}arge employers can play a powerful role in building on what the ACA and other initiatives have achieved to date and accelerate the positive transformation of the U.S. healthcare system.”

“Through the ACA, many new customers have been able to enter the healthcare ¬†market, but the market remains inefficient. The ACA includes mechanisms for cost reduction that employers can build upon by contributing their purchasing power to create a complementary quality-based market to address the trillion dollars in waste that continues to burden patients, providers, and employers alike.

“Businesses as well as public sector entities can play a lead role in mitigating political hyper-partisanship and special interests by working directly with local healthcare providers to define, secure, and execute to transparent standards. Pragmatism can prevail.”

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