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Ex-Turing CEO blames physicians for surging healthcare costs

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 “The Worship of Mammon(1909)  by Evelyn De Morgan.

Former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli  gained infamy for, among other things, raising the price of Daraprim, a generic anti-parasite drug for treating toxoplasmosis, from $13.50 per pill to $750 overnight. Despite angry public pushback against his greed-is-good approach to pharmaceutical sales, Mr. Shkreli says he doesn’t regret a thing.

When asked if he would do it all over again, Mr. Shkreli told Bloomberg News last week,  he responded: “Of course.  Everybody’s doing it. In capitalism, you try to get the highest price that you can for a product.”

Mr. Shkreli  also said drug prices are not to blame for the U.S.’s growing healthcare costs. “Drug pricing is only a small part of healthcare expenditures. Physicians are the biggest part. We don’t talk about physicians. Their prices are rising as fast, or faster, than drug prices, as are hospitals’ and medical-device companies’ [prices].”

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