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Exiting silos to improve public health-health system coordination

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An article in NEJM Catalyst looks at how to better coordinate the functions of public health officials and private-sector health systems. The authors write:

“Moving toward a comprehensive community wellness vision requires a fundamental transformation of how healthcare and public health engage with one another. Previously siloed organizations may find they have duplicative efforts that are ripe to be streamlined. For example, we reviewed cases where local health department funding to address certain public health objectives was made dependent on performing a certain service (e.g., reproductive health counseling), even if the local healthcare system was already efficiently and effectively providing that service for the same population. Rather than reject the funding from the state or federal government, local public health was compelled to implement a duplicative service. A structured partnership that arranges consolidation of these repeat programs could free limited resources within a community to be redirected to other health needs.

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