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GAO: Hospitals with low quality scores still got federal bonuses

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The Government Accountability Office reports that while the Feds’ value-based purchasing program was created to financially reward hospitals that provide high-quality care at a lower cost, some hospitals with low quality scores still received bonuses because they had high efficiency scores.

Thus the GAO questions the methodology that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services uses to determine bonuses and penalties.

The report’s writers found, perhaps not unexpectedly, that “safety-net hospitals,” which have a high-proportion of low-income patients, generally scored lower in quality compared to participating hospitals in general.  However, small and/or rural urban hospitals with 100 or fewer acute-care beds scored higher on efficiency compared to hospitals in general.

Small hospitals were more likely to get a bonus compared to participating hospitals in general but safety-net hospitals were more likely to be financially penalized.

To ensure that lower-quality hospitals don’t receive bonuses in the future, the GAO recommended that, among other things, CMS revise its methodology for calculating  total performance scores.

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