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Some GOP governors to try to block Trump efforts to stop Medicaid expansion

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GOP governors in several states will push back against any Trump administration efforts to stop or reverse the Medicaid expansion that has taken place under the Affordable Care Act.

Ten states approved expansion under Republican governors, and even GOP-dominated statehouses.  The Wall Street Journal reports that ending  Medicaid expansion would take away insurance coverage for millions of Americans,   creating a political backlash as a result.

The WSJ noted that Medicaid expansion “has also slashed uncompensated care provided by the nation’s hospitals by billions of dollars annually. The states that have yet to expand Medicaid have forfeited hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funds.”

“Right now a lot of Republican governors expanded Medicaid and they have said they will fight to keep it,” Caroline Pearson, a senior vice president at Avalere Health, told the publication. Meanwhile prominent Trump supporter and former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer told the Associated Press that she wants the Trump administration to see Arizona’s Medicaid expansion as model of cost-effectiveness.

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