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How the GOP might unite on an ACA replacement

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Politico discusses how 2015 could be the year that Republicans, now in firm control of Congress, finally define how they would replace the Affordable Care Act.

The Supreme Court will  soon hear case that threatens subsidies that form a core of the Affordable Care Act. That has Republicans putting pressure on themselves to rally around their own plan, drawing on such ideas as tax credits to buy insurance, high-risk pools and letting insurance be sold across state lines.

If the justices follow the GOP plan, subsidies ”could be abruptly cut off to millions of people in states relying on the federal health exchange. That financial assistance would be available in just the 13 states running their own exchanges.”

All this would “spill over into the rest of the U.S. health insurance system. Without subsidies in two-thirds of the states, the uninsured rate would probably rise, reversing its sharp decline. Premiums could soar if only the sickest people stick with their more expensive coverage.”



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