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Growing CHI reports better results

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This Legacy Tapestry was created in 2010 by Lynda Teller Pete using Navajo symbols. The tapestry represents CHI’s mission.

Modern Healthcare noted that the system has made  some big acquisitions in the past few years that  boosted revenue but also its expenses. “But for 2015, it managed to get on top of its costs, and the system said its growth strategy is starting to yield a return,” the publication reported.

“In Texas, for instance, a booming market that CHI entered just last year, it now has $2 billion in annual revenue. It also continued to benefit from its turnaround strategy in Kentucky, where it is seeing higher patient volume and better cost control in subsidiary KentuckyOne Health.

“CHI also highlighted growth in its Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and Pacific Northwest markets.”

Before accounting for restructuring costs, CHI reported a fiscal 2015 operating surplus of $169.8 million,  on $15.2 billion in revenue. That’s a 1.1 percent operating margin, compared to  fiscal 2014’s pre-restructuring operating surplus of $7.9 million on $13.6 billion in revenue. After restructuring costs, its  fiscal 2015 surplus was $3.1 million, compared with fiscal 2014’s  $109.4 million operating loss.


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