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Guidance on reducing unnecessary care

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In a Baltimore Sun Commentary piece headlined “The myth of more medicine and better health,” Dan Morgan, M.D., gives some advice toward the end of the piece:

“Although there are many factors promoting overuse {of medical care} there are a few things clinicians and patients can do to limit unnecessary care. Clinicians can educate themselves to the problem of overuse and become more thoughtful in how they use tests and treatments. Physician groups have determined lists of over 250 current practices that should not be done. The British Medical Journal has a section ‘Too Much Medicine’ and JAMA Internal Medicine has a ‘Less is More’ section, including a yearly clinician ‘update’ on practices to reconsider. Physician groups educate on ‘Right Care’ or ‘High-Value Care.’ Likewise, it is important for patients to educate themselves. Consumer Reports has a Choosing Wisely series for patients describing key types of care to avoid, and books by the Dartmouth primary-care doctor Gilbert Welch or journalist Shannon Brownlee are readable and informative.”

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