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Healthcare leaders deeply fear ACA repeal

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A Modern Heathcare survey of healthcare CEO’s found great concern verging on panic that the Trump administration, whose campaign rhetoric has been stridently and ideologically in favor of “repealing” the Affordable Care Act, would do just that abruptly, causing economic and clinical chaos in the sector and  leaving millions of Americans without insurance.

“You can’t drop 20 million people from the insurance rolls,” said William Conway, M.D., who is CEO of the 1,200-physician Henry Ford Medical Group in Michigan. “I hope there’s no way to go back.”

“I would hope and pray that we don’t unwind the thing without anything to replace it.”

A Modern Healthcare Power Panel survey in May found that 67 percent of CEOs opposed repealing and replacing the ACA.

Modern Healthcare noted:

“Republican leaders are debating whether to quickly pass a repeal of most of the ACA, possibly with a one- or two-year delay, then later craft a replacement package. But 86% of the CEOs responding to the survey either strongly or somewhat agreed that repeal should not proceed without a replacement plan that provides affordable health insurance for all Americans who lack employer-based coverage.”

To read the Modern Healthcare on what many healthcare leaders see as a huge crisis of uncertainty, please hit this link.

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