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How hospitals should deal with cybersecurity crises

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Chris Williams,  chief cybersecurity architect at Leidos Health, based in San Diego, offers an action plan for dealing with  cybersecurity crises in hospitals and health systems. He writes: “When a cyberattack happens, staff, hospital leaders will need a plan of action to deal with a potentially chaotic situation. In general, the recovery process will take place according to the following sequence, starting with the initial report”:

  • “Identification of the crisis  and activation of crisis processes.
  • “Allocation of outside resources to support crisis operations.
  • “Investigation and containment of the cyber intrusion or malfunction.
  • “Preparation to rebuild and restore IT capabilities.
  • “Closure of critical cybersecurity gaps if during a cyber incursion occurred.
  • “Establishment of interim IT capabilities.
  • “Achievement of full operating capabilities for IT.
  • “Implementation of long-term cybersecurity improvements.
  • “Resolution of regulatory and legal consequences.’’

To read his full article on hospital cybersecurity crises, please hit this link.


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