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How to nurture a hospital

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Madeline Bell, the CEO of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, discusses how to cultivate a better culture in hospitals. Among the observations of the former nurse in Becker’s Hospital Review:

The infrastructure has to be in place so you have collaborative space with ways to mine new ideas, cultivate them and take them to the next level. On the people side, it’s about hiring people with new ideas from outside of your organization and, at the same time, promoting the right people from within. Half my team is promoted from within and half come from the outside, so there are new ideas and ways of looking at things. The cultural piece is always a journey. Hospitals used to be relentlessly standardized and deliver things the same way, because you want to be highly reliable and not harm patients. That’s really important, but it has to coexist with the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Hospital leaders and staff have to coexist with the idea that they can make mistakes and learn from them to think about new ways of solving problems.”

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