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Intermountain is centralizing administrative structure

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Salt Lake City.

Intermountain Healthcare will change an administrative structure that had been based on  geographic administrative regions to one more tightly controlled from the system’s Salt Lake City headquarters.

FierceHealthcare reported that nonprofit system’s new structure will operate under the direction of the system’s central executive leadership team. The system says that the new structure will make it easier  for the  organization’s caregivers and leaders  to provide faster and more direct care at its 22 hospitals and 180 clinics. We’d guess that it’s also aimed at saving a lot of money.

“The new alignment will create more value for those Intermountain serves, including the underserved to whom charity care is provided in times of need,” the system announced.

The system had been  organized around central, north, south and southwest regions. It’s unclear how many positions will be eliminated under the new structure.

The system’s senior executives told other employees  that the new structure would let the system  provide more affordable, efficient care regardless of how people are insured and how they pay for care.

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