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Jonathan Bush: Hospitals must move beyond their ‘biospheres’

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Becker’s Hospital Review has an intriguing piece on the views of athenahealth’s Jonathan Bush on hospital communication systems and related matters.

He says that  hospitals and health systems are focused on business within their own ”biospheres” even as opportunities for growth move elsewhere.

He said that hospitals have long focused on their internal connectivity and communication loop within their own facilities. But now, many patients are leaving those facilities. Much of  the investment and other efforts toward intra-connectivity may soon be moot.

He  notes that hospitals have focused on their own organization while retail clinics move to provide consumers with fast, convenient care.

Becker’s says that Mr. Bush thinks that  new care-delivery model necessitates inter-access connectivity more than intra-access. The former means the ability of one system user to access information from other systems, which might be quite different in function.  An example would be a hospital being tightly connected with a region’s CVS Minute Clinics.

“The ability to inter-operate and share data with those outside one hospital or health system is what Mr. Bush suggests will be the key for these organizations to remain in the game,” Becker’s reports.

Mr. Bush  told the publication:  “I believe that those who go first on that will win enormous market share, and those that don’t will be the ones who volunteer to get rid of the 40 percent extra beds.”




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