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Low-income patients seek providers’ respect above all

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A HealthAffairs piece discusses how low-income people interact with and experience the healthcare system. It’s part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Right Place, Right Time initiative.

In this project researchers interviewed vulnerable patients, including low-income patients, the uninsured, family caregivers and non-English speakers, about how they saw the  U.S. healthcare system and the information they need to make health decisions.

The authors of the article,  Chris C. Duke and Christine Stanik  wrote:

“We expected to hear that healthcare information was too confusing and price information was difficult to find—and we have—but the issue lower-income participants were most passionate about surprised us: they reported widespread distrust of the healthcare system and the feeling that they were seen as ‘less than’ by healthcare professionals.”

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To read the HealthAffairs article, please hit this link.

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